S.L.K.Steel sells and imports high-quality steel products in accordance with Thai Industrial Standards Institute (TISI), . Widely utilized in the fabrication of construction equipment, factory, machinery, coal, chemical, railroad, automobile, roads, bridges, containers, sports facilities, agricultural, petroleum, prospecting machinery.


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Hot Formed Steel

Hot forming is a process of sheet metal forming that is also known as hot stamping or press hardening. All forming processes run above the recrystallization temperature of the metal used. During the hot forming of the sheet metal, the material recovers and softens. This enables high equivalent strain despite low forming forces. Hot forming includes several processes such as forging, hot rolling and extrusion. The hot forming of sheet steel is particularly important for constructions, car manufacturers and suppliers. It is suitable for all quality levels of steel.

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Steel Plate SS400

Delivered to Lopburi

Steel Plate SS400

Delivered to Ayuttaya

Steel Plate SS400

Delivered to Sriracha

Steel Plate SS400

Delivered to Sukhothai

Steel Plate SS400

Delivered to Burirum

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